Deliver Fund

November Luncheon Speaker – Jeremy Mahugh

Navy SEAL Sniper & US Special Operations

“Combatting Human Trafficking”

Jeremy Mahugh spent 10 years in US Special Operations, training and deploying as a Navy SEAL Sniper. After his time in the military, Jeremy returned to the Middle East as an operative for a National Level Intelligence agency for an additional five years. More than seventeen deployments later, Jeremy returned home. With a wide range of training in Special Operations, experience in the Intelligence Community, and time spent in the political arena, Jeremy tells people that every job he has held has only been to prepare him for the work that he is currently doing. He is the Senior Vice President and Co-founder of: Deliver Fund. Deliver Fund is made up of former special operations and intelligence operatives and is dedicated to stopping human trafficking, the modern-day form of slavery, which is rampant within the heartland of America, often ensnaring young innocents in their early teens, who are virtually powerless to resist and afraid to seek help.

When you donate to DeliverFund, you are joining the fight to put human traffickers out of business. For good.