You may prepay your lunch by indicating the number in your party inside the Quantity box for each event. On arriving, please check in with the Chapter’s Treasurer.






May 4 , 2021

11:30 – 13:00

LTC (R) Rich Crossley

The discussion will center on where we heading in JROTC. His role as president of the JPAC provides great insights.

*Meal price includes plated meal served by the Park City Club staff, free parking and the service charge for food and drink.






June 1, 2021

17:00 – 20:00

New officer Installations. Commander: Lt. Charles Daniels


*Meal price includes choice of 3 entrees, salad, dessert, coffee, tea or soft drinks, free parking and the service charge for food and drink.

Each of the individuals listed in this outstanding line-up of future Guest Speakers has been invited. Not all have committed to the dates indicated. It is anticipated that there will be revisions as Appointment Schedules of these local and national leaders become firm. Most have indicated, verbally, their desire to meet with the Best Large MOWW Chapter in the Nation to share their plans for the future of our great city, state, and nation.